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Earthquakes and Structures
  Volume 10, Number 2, February 2016 , pages 313-328

Retrofitting of exterior RC beam-column joints using ferrocement jackets
Prem Pal Bansal, Maneek Kumar and Manzoor Ahmed Dar

    Beam-column joints are recognized as one of the most critical and vulnerable zones of a Reinforced Concrete (RC) moment resisting structure subjected to seismic loads. The performance of the deficient beam-column joints can be improved by retrofitting these joints by jacketing them with varied materials like concrete, steel, FRP and ferrocement. In the present study strength behavior of RCC exterior beam-column joints, initially loaded to a prefixed percentage of the ultimate load, and retrofitted using ferrocement jacketing using two different wrapping schemes has been studied and presented. In retrofitting scheme, RS-I, wire mesh is provided in L shape at top and at bottom of the beam-column joint, whereas, in scheme RS-II along with wire mesh in L shape at top and bottom wire mesh is also provided diagonally to the joint. The results of these retrofitted beam-column joints have been compared with those of the controlled joint specimens. The results show an improvement in the ultimate load carrying capacity and yield load of the retrofitted specimens. However, no improvement in the ductility and energy absorption has been observed.
Key Words
    RCC beam-column joints; retrofitting; ferrocement; ductility; energy absorption; moment and rotation
Department of Civil Engineering, Thapar University, Patiala, India

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