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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 9, Number 6, December 2020 , pages 563-573

Dynamic analysis of a laminated composite beam under harmonic load
S.D. Akbas

    Dynamic responses of a laminated composite cantilever beam under a harmonic are investigated in this study. The governing equations of problem are derived by using the Lagrange procedure. The Timoshenko beam theory is considered and the Ritz method is implemented in the solution of the problem. The algebraic polynomials are used with the trivial functions for the Ritz method. In the solution of dynamic problem, the Newmark average acceleration method is used in the time history. In the numerical examples, the effects of load parameter, the fiber orientation angles and stacking sequence of laminas on the dynamic responses of the laminated beam are investigated.
Key Words
    dynamic analysis; laminated composite beams; Ritz method
S.D. Akbas: Department of Civil Engineering, Bursa Technical University, 16330, Bursa, Turkey

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