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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 7, Number 4, August 2018, pages 373-393

A nonlocal strain gradient theory for scale-dependent wave dispersion analysis of rotating nanobeams considering physical field effects
Farzad Ebrahimi and Parisa Haghi

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper is concerned with the wave propagation behavior of rotating functionally graded temperature-dependent nanoscale beams subjected to thermal loading based on nonlocal strain gradient stress field. Uniform, linear and nonlinear temperature distributions across the thickness are investigated. Thermo-elastic properties of FG beam change gradually according to the Mori-Tanaka distribution model in the spatial coordinate. The nanobeam is modeled via a higher-order shear deformable refined beam theory which has a trigonometric shear stress function. The governing equations are derived by Hamilton\'s principle as a function of axial force due to centrifugal stiffening and displacement. By applying an analytical solution and solving an eigenvalue problem, the dispersion relations of rotating FG nanobeam are obtained. Numerical results illustrate that various parameters including temperature change, angular velocity, nonlocality parameter, wave number and gradient index have significant effect on the wave dispersion characteristics of the understudy nanobeam. The outcome of this study can provide beneficial information for the next generation researches and exact design of nano-machines including nanoscale molecular bearings and nanogears, etc.
Key Words
    wave propagation; FGMs; nonlocal strain gradient theory; rotating nanobeam; refined beam theory
Farzad Ebrahimi and Parisa Haghi: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

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