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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 5, Number 1, March 2016 , pages 59-86

Free vibration analysis of gravity dam-reservoir system utilizing 21 node-33 Gauss point triangular elements
Seyed Hamid Ziaolhagh, Meghdad Goudarzi and Ahmad Aftabi Sani

    This paper deals with the free vibration analysis of a dynamical coupled system: flexible gravity dam- compressible rectangular reservoir. The finite element method is used to compute the natural frequencies and modal shapes of the system. Firstly, the reservoir and subsequently the dam is modeled by classical 8-node elements and the natural frequencies plus modal shapes are calculated. Afterwards, a new 21-node element is introduced and the same procedure is conducted in which an efficient method is employed to carry out the integration operations. Finally, the coupled dam-reservoir system is modeled by solely one 21-node element and the free vibration of dam-reservoir interaction system is investigated. As an important result, it is clearly concluded that the one high-order element treats more precisely than the eight-node elements, since the first one utilizes fifth-degree polynomials to construct the shape functions and the second implements polynomials of degree two.
Key Words
    dam–reservoir interaction; Finite element method; mathematica; Gauss integration
Seyed Hamid Ziaolhagh: Civil Engineering Department, Shahrood University of technology, Shahrood, Iran
Meghdad Goudarzi and Ahmad Aftabi Sani:Civil Engineering Department, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran

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