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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 2, Number 4, December 2013, pages 389-410

Seismic response analysis of an oil storage tank using Lagrangian fluid elements
Toshio Nagashima and Takenari Tsukuda

    Three-dimensional Lagrangian fluid finite element is applied to seismic response analysis of an oil storage tank with a floating roof. The fluid element utilized in the present analysis is formulated based on the displacement finite element method considering only volumetric elasticity and its element stiffness matrix is derived by using one-point integration method in order to avoid volumetric locking. The method usually adds a rotational penalty stiffness to satisfy the irrotational condition for fluid motion and modifies element mass matrices through the projected mass method to suppress spurious hourglass-mode appeared in compensation for one-point integration. In the fluid element utilized in the present paper, a small hourglass stiffness is employed. The fluid and structure domains for the objective oil storage tank are modeled by eight-node solid elements and four-node shell elements, respectively, and the transient response of the floating roof structure or the free surface are evaluated by implicit direct time integration method. The results of seismic response analyses are compared with those by other method and the validation of the present analysis using three-dimensional Lagrangian fluid finite elements is shown.
Key Words
    FEM; fluid element; fluid-structure interaction; oil storage tank; seismic response
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan

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