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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 2, Number 3, September 2013 , pages 271-288

Numerical simulation of elastic-plastic stress concentration in fibrous composites
Askhad M. Polatov

    In the present study an elastic-plastic strain analysis is carried out for fibrous composites by using numerical modeling. Application of homogeneous transversely-isotropic model was chosen based on problem solution of a square plate with a circular hole under uniaxial tension. The results obtained in this study correspond to the solution of fiber model trial problem, as well as to analytical solution. Further, numerical algorithm and software has been developed, based on simplified theory of small elastic strains for transversely-isotropic bodies, and FEM. The influence of holes and cracks on stress state of complicated configuration transversely-isotropic bodies has been studied. Strain curves and plasticity zones that are formed in vicinity of the concentrators has been provided. Numerical values of effective mechanical parameters calculated for unidirectional composites at different ratios of fiber volume content and matrix. Content volume proportions of fibers and matrix defined for fibrous composite material that enables to behave as elastic-plastic body or as a brittle material. The influences of the fibrous structure on stress concentration in vicinity of holes on boron/aluminum D16, used as an example.
Key Words
    modeling; FEM; stress; strain; elastic-plastic; fiber; composite; hole; crack; boron/aluminum
Askhad M. Polatov: Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan, 4 Universitetskaya,Tashkent 100174, Republic of Uzbekistan

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