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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 12, Number 2, April 2023 , pages 127-149

Liquid boundary effect on free vibration of an annular plate coupled with a liquid
Kyeong-Hoon Jeong

    A theoretical method is developed to analyze the free vibration of an elastic annular plate in contact with an ideal liquid. The displacement potential functions of the contained liquid are expressed as a combination of the Bessel functions that satisfy the Laplace equation and the liquid boundary conditions. The compatibility condition along the interface between the annular plate and the contained liquid is taken into account to consider the fluidstructure coupling. The dynamic displacement of the wet annular plate is assumed to be a combination of dry eigenfunctions, allowing for prediction of the natural frequencies using the Rayleigh-Ritz method. The study investigates the effect of radial liquid boundary conditions on the natural frequencies of the wet annular plate, considering four types of liquid bounding: outer container bounded, outer and inner bounded, inner bounded, and radially unbounded. The proposed theoretical method is validated by comparing the predicted wet natural frequencies with those obtained from finite element analysis, showing excellent accuracy. The results indicate that the radial liquid bounding effect on the natural frequencies is negligible for the axisymmetric vibrational mode, but relatively significant for the mode with one nodal diameter (n = 1) and no nodal circle (m' = 0). Furthermore, the study reveals that the wet natural frequencies are the largest for the plate with an inner bounded cylinder among the radial liquid boundary cases, regardless of the vibration mode.
Key Words
    annular plate; Hankel transform; hydrodynamic mass; hydroelastic vibration; liquid-contacting; radial liquid boundary
Kyeong-Hoon Jeong: SMART System Development Division, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 111 Daedeok-daero 989 Beon-gil, Yuseong, Daejeon, 34057, Republic of Korea

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