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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 12, Number 1, February 2023 , pages 69-81

Delamination analysis of inhomogeneous viscoelastic beam of rectangular section subjected to torsion
Victor I. Rizov

    This paper considers a delamination analysis of a statically undetermined inhomogeneous beam structure of rectangular section with viscoelastic behavior under torsion. The beam is built in at its two ends. The beam has two longitudinal inhomogeneous layers with a delamination crack between them. A notch is made in the upper crack arm. The external torsion moment applied on the beam is a function of time. Under these conditions, the beam has one degree of indeterminacy. In order to derive the strain energy release rate, first, the static indeterminacy is resolved. Then the strain energy release rate is obtained by analyzing the balance of the energy with considering the viscoelastic behavior. The strain energy release rate is found also by analyzing the compliance of the beam for checkup. Solution of the strain energy release rate in a beam without a notch in the upper crack arm is derived too. In this case, the beam has two degrees of static indeterminacy (the torsion moment in the upper crack arm is treated as an additional internal redundant unknown). A parametric investigation of the strain energy release rate is carried-out.
Key Words
    delamination; inhomogeneous beam structure; rectangular section; torsion moment; viscoelastic material
Victor I. Rizov: Department of Technical Mechanics, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, 1 Chr. Smirnensky Blvd., 1046-Sofia, Bulgaria

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