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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 10, Number 5, October 2021 , pages 393-414

Hyperstatic steel structure strengthened with prestressed carbon/glass hybrid laminated plate
Hassaine Daouadji Tahar, Rabahi Abderezak and Benferhat Rabia

    This paper presents a careful theoretical investigation into interfacial shear stresses in steel beam strengthened with prestressed carbon/glass hybrid laminated plate. A closed-form rigorous solution for interfacial shear stress in steel beams strengthened with bonded prestressed carbon/glass hybrid laminated plates and subjected to a uniformly distributed load, is developed using linear elastic theory and including the variation in fiber volume fraction of carbon/glass hybrid laminated. The results show that there exists a high concentration of shear stress at the ends of the laminate, which might result in premature failure of the strengthening scheme at these locations. A parametric study has been conducted to investigate the sensitivity of interface behavior to parameters such as laminate and adhesive stiffness, the proportions and volume fraction of the fiber of carbon/glass hybrid laminated, the thickness of the laminate and the effect of prestressing where all were found to have a marked effect on the magnitude of maximum shear and normal stress in the composite member. This solution is intended for application to beams made of all kinds of materials bonded with a thin composite plate. This research is helpful for the understanding on mechanical behaviour of the interface and design of such structures.
Key Words
    carbon/glass hybrid laminated; prestressed plate; shear stresses; steel beam; strengthening
Hassaine Daouadji Tahar, Rabahi Abderezak and Benferhat Rabia: Civil Engineering Department, University of Tiaret, Algeria; Laboratory of Geomatics and Sustainable Development, University of Tiaret, Algeria

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