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  Volume 4, Number 1, March 2022 , pages 083-100
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On dynamic analysis of multilayer functionally graded graphene platelet-reinforced composite beams subjected to thermal loads
Ismail Bensaid, Ahmed Saimi and Ihab Eddine Houalef

    This paper investigates vibration response of functionally graded multilayer polymer composite beams reinforced by graphene platelets and subjected to uniform temperature rise. Different distribution patterns of graphene platelets (GPLs) accounting for uniform and non-uniform in the polymer matrix are considered. The effective Young's modulus, mass density and Poisson's ratio are evaluated through the modified Halpin-Tsai approach which takes into account the size effects of the graphene reinforcements. Within the framework of the classical beam theory, the governing equations are derived by applying the Hamilton's principle and then solved by using an analytical method based on Fourier series. Obtained outcomes indicate that with a low amount of the GPLs reinforcement can dramatically improve the stiffness of the beams, and GPLs rich at the bottom and the top of the beam can be considered as the best reinforcing effect. A comprehensive parametric study is conducted to examine the effects of distribution pattern, weight fraction, and geometry of GPL, temperature change, as well as total number of layers on the maximum frequency of functionally graded multilayer GPLRC beams.
Key Words
    composite beam; dynamic analysis; graphene nanoplatelets; Halpin-Tsai law; nanocomposite; thermal load
Ismail Bensaid, Ahmed Saimi and Ihab Eddine Houalef: Mechanical engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, IS2M Laboratory, University of Abou Beckr Belkaid (UABT), Tlemcen, Algeria

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