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  Volume 3, Number 3, August 2021 , pages 167-178
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A comparison of destructive behaviors of distilled water, salty water, sulfuric acid and heat on glass/vinyl ester composites
S.A. Asli, M.M. Shokrieh and M.A. Kamangar

    In the present paper, the destructive behavior of distilled water, salty water, sulfuric acid, and heat on glass/vinyl ester composites was investigated by experimental methods. Hetron 922 vinyl ester resin and two types of mat and woven glass fibers as the reinforcements were used to fabricate composite test samples. All samples were immersed in distilled water, salty water, and sulfuric acid with three different concentrations. The tests were performed at 20°C and 70°C for the exposure duration of 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks. Bending tests were performed after aging for all composite samples to check the degradation of the bending modulus and strength. The results show that the effect of distilled water, in comparison with salty water, on the degradation of composite samples was significant. On the other hand, almost non-sensitivity of concentrations of salty water on the weight gain of specimens has been observed. In addition, it was also observed that the degradation of samples at 70°C temperature is much more than that of at 20°C. Also, it was observed that the flexural modulus of virgin specimens exposed to salty water (2% concentration) has been recovered just after two weeks of immersion. Furthermore, in some cases, composite samples under the sulfuric acid solution have lost almost 80% of their mechanical properties.
Key Words
    aging; composite materials; distilled water; environmental conditions; salty water; sulfuric acid
S.A. Asli, M.M. Shokrieh and M.A. Kamangar: Composites Research Laboratory, Center of Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics and Dynamics, School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran 16846-13114, Iran

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