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  Volume 2, Number 1, January 2020 , pages 13-24
 open access

Buckling of non-sway Euler composite frame with semi-rigid connection
Mostafa G. Ghadimi

    The stability functions are calculated to obtain critical elastic buckling loads of asymmetric and axisymmetric one-span non-sway bending frames made up of laminated thin beams and columns with through-thickness mechanical properties variation subjected to axial compression. The shear and axial deformations are neglected. It is assumed that the members are perfect and axial compression is applied to neutral axis without eccentricity. The relative rotations of beams with respect to columns are occurred due to semi-rigid connections at joints of the bending frame. The perfect connection of two different rectangular thin plates with the same width and dissimilar elasticity modulus and thickness produces intact laminated members with similar curvature at junction of the plates in the buckled member. The mechanical and geometrical properties of laminated members in axial direction are invariant, as result the stiffness coefficient, modified stiffness coefficient, reduced stiffness coefficient and carry over factor are independent from thickness, length and layers
Key Words
    buckling; non-sway bending frame; axisymmetric and asymmetric shape modes; semi-rigid connection; composite member; stability function
Mostafa G. Ghadimi: Department of Civil Engineering, Sarab Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sarab, Iran

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