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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 7, Number 6, December 2010 , pages 483-496

2D evaluation of crack openings using smeared and embedded crack models
Andre Luis Gamino, Osvaldo Luis Manzoli, Jose Luiz Antunes de Oliveira e Sousa and Tulio Nogueira Bittencourt

    This work deals with the determination of crack openings in 2D reinforced concrete structures using the Finite Element Method with a smeared rotating crack model or an embedded crack model. In the smeared crack model, the strong discontinuity associated with the crack is spread throughout the finite element. As is well known, the continuity of the displacement field assumed for these models is incompatible with the actual discontinuity. However, this type of model has been used extensively due to the relative computational simplicity it provides by treating cracks in a continuum framework, as well as the reportedly good predictions of reinforced concrete members
Key Words
    finite elements, fracture mechanics, smeared crack model, embedded crack model.
Andre Luis Gamino: University of Campinas, 13083-852, Campinas, Brazil
Osvaldo Luis Manzoli: UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista, 17030-360, Bauru, Brazil
Jose Luiz Antunes de Oliveira e Sousa: University of Campinas, 13083-852, Campinas, Brazil
Tulio Nogueira Bittencourt: University of Sao Paulo, 05508-900, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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