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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 31, Number 3, March 2023 , pages 207-221

Interaction between opening space in concrete slab and non-persistent joint under uniaxial compression using experimental test and numerical simulation
Vahab Sarfarazi, Kaveh Asgari, Mehdi Kargozari and Pouyan Ebneabbasi

    In this investigation, the interaction between opening space and neighboring joint has been examined by experimental test and Particle flow code in two dimension (PFC2D) simulation. Since, firs of all PFC was calibrated using Brazilian experimental test and uniaxial compression test. Secondly, diverse configurations of opening and neighboring joint were provided and tested by uniaxial test. 12 rectangular sample with dimension of 10 cmx10 cm was prepared from gypsum mixture. One quarter of tunnel and one and or two joint were drilled into the sample. Tunnel diameter was 5.5 cm. The angularities of joint in physical test were 0*, 45* and 90*. The angularities of joint in numerical simulation were 0*, 30*, 60*, -30*, -45*, -60* and its length were 2cm and 4cm. Loading rate was 0.016 m/s. Tensile strength of material was 4.5 MPa. Results shows that dominant type of crack which took place in the model was tensile cracks and or several shear bands develop within the model. The Final stress is minimum in the cases where oriented angle is negative. The failure stress decrease by decreasing the joint angle from 30* to 60*. In addition, the failure stress decrease by incrementing the joint angle from -30* to -60*. The failure stress was incremented by decreasing the number of notches. The failure stress was incremented by decreasing the joint length. The failure stress was incremented by decreasing the number of notches. Comparing experimental results and numerical one, showed that the failure stress is approximately identical in both conditions.
Key Words
    non-persistent joint; opening space; PFC2D; tensile crack; UCS
Vahab Sarfarazi and Mehdi Kargozari: Department of Mining Engineering, Hamedan University of Technology, Hamedan, Iran
Kaveh Asgari: Department of Mining Engineering, Bahonar university of Kerman, Kerman, Iran
Pouyan Ebneabbasi: Department of Civil Engineering, Azad University, Hamedan, Iran

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