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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 29, Number 3, March 2022 , pages 189-199

Application of AI models for predicting properties of mortars incorporating waste powders under Freeze-Thaw condition
Mehmet T. Cihan and İbrahim F. Aral

    The usability of waste materials as raw materials is necessary for sustainable production. This study investigates the effects of different powder materials used to replace cement (0%, 5% and 10%) and standard sand (0%, 20% and 30%) (basalt, limestone, and dolomite) on the compressive strength (fc), flexural strength (fr), and ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) of mortars exposed to freeze-thaw cycles (56, 86, 126, 186 and 226 cycles). Furthermore, the usability of artificial intelligence models is compared, and the prediction accuracy of the outputs is examined according to the inputs (powder type, replacement ratio, and the number of cycles). The results show that the variability of the outputs was significantly high under the freeze-thaw effect in mortars produced with waste powder instead of those produced with cement and with standard sand. The highest prediction accuracy for all outputs was obtained using the adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system model. The significantly high prediction accuracy was obtained for the UPV, fc, and fr of mortars produced using waste powders instead of standard sand (R2 of UPV, fc and ff is 0.931, 0.759 and 0.825 respectively), when under the freeze-thaw effect. However, for the mortars produced using waste powders instead of cement, the prediction accuracy of UPV was significantly high (R2=0.889) but the prediction accuracy of fc and fr was low (R2fc=0.612 and R2ff=0.334).
Key Words
    artificial intelligence; freeze-thaw effect; mortar; waste powder
Mehmet T. Cihan and İbrahim F. Aral: Department of Civil Engineering, Çorlu Engineering Faculty, Tekirdağ Nam

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