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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 28, Number 5, November 2021 , pages 497-506

Parametric study on the structural behaviour of composite slim floors with hollow-core slabs
Patricia T.S. Spavier, Marcela N. Kataoka and Ana Lucia H.C. El Debs

    Steel-concrete composite structures and precast concrete elements have a common prefabrication process and allow fast construction. The use of hollow-core slabs associated with composite floors can be advantageous. However, there are few studies on the subject, impeding the application of such systems. In this paper, a numerical model representing the considered system using the FE (finite element)-based software DIANA is developed. The results of an experimental test were also presented in Souza (2016) and were used to validate the model. Comparisons between the numerical and test results were performed in terms of the load versus displacement, load versus slip, and load versus strain curves, showing satisfactory agreement. In addition, a wide parametric study was performed, evaluating the influence of several parameters on the behaviour of the composite system: The strength of the steel beam, thickness of the web, thickness and width of the bottom flange of the steel beam and concrete cover thickness on top of the beam. The results indicated a great influence of the steel strength and the thickness of the bottom flange of the steel beam on the capacity of the composite floor. The remaining parameters had limited influences on the results.
Key Words
    composite slim floor; composite structures; headed stud; hollow-core slab; numerical simulation; steel beam
Patricia T.S. Spavier, Marcela N. Kataoka and Ana Lucia H.C. El Debs: Department of Structural Engineering, The São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo,
Av. Trabalhador Saocarlense n

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