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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 26, Number 1, July 2020 , pages 031-52

Vibration analysis of porous nanocomposite viscoelastic plate reinforced by FG-SWCNTs based on a nonlocal strain gradient theory
Pegah Khazaei and Mehdi Mohammadimehr

    This paper investigates the size dependent effect on the vibration analysis of a porous nanocomposite viscoelastic plate reinforced by functionally graded-single walled carbon nanotubes (FG-SWCNTs) by considering nonlocal strain gradient theory. Therefore, using energy method and Hamilton\'s principle, the equations of motion are derived. In this article, the effects of nonlocal parameter, aspect ratio, strain gradient parameter, volume fraction of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), damping coefficient, porosity coefficient, and temperature change on the natural frequency are perused. The innovation of this paper is to compare the effectiveness of each mentioned parameters individually on the free vibrations of this plate and to represent the appropriate value for each parameter to achieve an ideal nanocomposite plate that minimizes vibration. The results are verified with those referenced in the paper. The results illustrate that the effect of damping coefficient on the increase of natural frequency is significantly higher than the other parameters effect, and the effects of the strain gradient parameter and nonlocal parameter on the natural frequency increase are less than damping coefficient effect, respectively. Furthermore, the results indicate that the natural frequency decreases with a rise in the nonlocal parameter, aspect ratio and temperature change. Also, the natural frequency increases with a rise in the strain gradient parameter and CNTs volume fraction. This study can be used for optimizing the industrial and medical designs, such as automotive industry, aerospace engineering and water purification system, by considering ideal properties for the nanocomposite plate.
Key Words
    vibration analysis; porous materials; nanocomposite; carbon nanotube; nonlocal strain gradient theory; Hamilton
Pegah Khazaei and Mehdi Mohammadimehr: Department of Solid Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran

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