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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 25, Number 5, May 2020 , pages 427-432

Buckling analysis of sandwich beam reinforced by GPLs using various shear deformation theories
Sona Hanifehlou and Mehdi Mohammadimehr

    In this research, the buckling analysis of sandwich beam with composite reinforced by graphene platelets (GPLs) in two face sheets is investigated. Three type various porosity patterns including uniform, symmetric and asymmetric are considered through the thickness direction of the core. Also, the top and bottom face sheets layers are considered composite reinforced by GPLs/CNTs based on Halpin-Tsai micromechanics model and extended mixture rule, respectively. Based on various shear deformation theories such as Euler-Bernoulli, Timoshenko and Reddy beam theories, the governing equations of equilibrium using minimum total potential energy are obtained. It is seen that the critical buckling load decreases with an increase in the porous coefficient, because the stiffness of sandwich beam reduces. Also, it is shown that the critical buckling load for asymmetric distribution is lower than the other cases. It can see that the effect of graphene platelets on the critical buckling load is higher than carbon nanotubes. Moreover, it is seen that the difference between carbon nanotubes and graphene platelets for Reddy and Euler-Bernoulli beam theories is most and least, respectively.
Key Words
    buckling analysis; GPLs; sandwich beam; various distributions of Porous core; various shear deformation theories
Sona Hanifehlou and Mehdi Mohammadimehr: Department of Solid Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan, P.O Box 87317-53153, Kashan, Iran

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