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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 25, Number 4, April 2020, pages 293-302

Cyclic performance of RC beam-column joints enhanced with superelastic SMA rebars
Amirhosein Ghasemitabar, Javad Mokari Rahmdel and Erfan Shafei

    Connections play a significant role in strength of structures against earthquake-induced loads. According to the postseismic reports, connection failure is a cause of overall failure in reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Connection failure results in a sudden increase in inter-story drift, followed by early and progressive failure across the entire structure. This article investigated the cyclic performance and behavioral improvement of shape-memory alloy-based connections (SMA-based connections). The novelty of the present work is focused on the effect of shape memory alloy bars is damage reduction, strain recoverability, and cracking distribution of the stated material in RC moment frames under seismic loads using 3D nonlinear static analyses. The present numerical study was verified using two experimental connections. Then, the performance of connections was studied using 14 models with different reinforcement details on a scale of 3:4. The response parameters under study included moment-rotation, secant stiffness, energy dissipation, strain of bar, and moment-curvature of the connection. The connections were simulated using LS-DYNA environment. The models with longitudinal SMA-based bars, as the main bars, could eliminate residual plastic rotations and thus reduce the demand for post-earthquake structural repairs. The flag-shaped stress-strain curve of SMA-based materials resulted in a very slight residual drift in such connections.
Key Words
    beam-column panel zone; reinforced concrete; SMA-based materials; energy dissipation; residual drift
Amirhosein Ghasemitabar, Javad Mokari Rahmdel and Erfan Shafei: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran

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