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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 24, Number 6, December 2019 , pages 561-570

Numerical and experimental study on flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams: Digital image correlation approach
B. Murali Krishna, V. Guru Prathap Reddy, T. Tadepalli, P. Rathish Kumar and Yerra Lahir

    Understanding the realistic behavior of concrete up to failure under different loading conditions within the framework of damage mechanics and plasticity would lead to an enhanced design of concrete structures. In the present investigation, QR (Quick Response) code based random speckle pattern is used as a non-contact sensor, which is an innovative approach in the field of digital image correlation (DIC). A four-point bending test was performed on RC beams of size 1800 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm. Image processing was done using an open source Ncorr algorithm for the results obtained using random speckle pattern and QR code based random speckle pattern. Load-deflection curves of RC beams were plotted for the results obtained using both contact and non-contact (DIC) sensors, and further, Moment (M)-Curvature (k) relationship of RC beams was developed. The loading curves obtained were used as input data for material model parameters in finite element analysis. In finite element method (FEM) based software, concrete damage plasticity (CDP) constitutive model is used to predict the realistic nonlinear quasi-static flexural behavior of RC beams for monotonic loading condition. The results obtained using QR code based DIC are observed to be on par with conventional results and FEM results.
Key Words
    Concrete Damage Plasticity (CDP); DIC; FEM; Moment-Curvature; QR code
B. Murali Krishna, V. Guru Prathap Reddy, T. Tadepalli, P. Rathish Kumar and Yerra Lahir: Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Warangal, Telangana, 506004, India

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