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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 23, Number 5, May 2019 , pages 321-327

A damage model predicting moderate temperature and size effects on concrete in compression
Wiem Ben Hassine, Marwa Loukil and Oualid Limam

    Experimental isotherm compressive tests show that concrete behaviour is dependent on temperature. The aim of such tests is to reproduce how concrete will behave under environmental changes within a moderate range of temperature. In this paper, a novel constitutive elastic damage behaviour law is proposed based on a free energy with an apparent damage depending on temperature. The proposed constitutive behaviour leads to classical theory of thermo-elasticity at small strains. Fixed elastic mechanical characteristics and fixed evolution law of damage independent of temperature and the material volume element size are considered. This approach is applied to compressive tests. The model predicts compressive strength and secant modulus of elasticity decrease as temperature increases. A power scaling law is assumed for specific entropy as function of the specimen size which leads to a volume size effect on the stress-strain compressive behaviour. The proposed model reproduces theoretical and experimental results from literature for tempertaures ranging between 20oC and 70oC. The effect of the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion between the mortar and coarse aggregates is also considered which gives a better agreement with FIB recommendations. It is shown that this effect is of a second order in the considered moderate range of temperature.
Key Words
    concrete; scalar damage; compressive strength; Young modulus; temperature; volume size effect
Wiem Ben Hassine, Marwa Loukil and Oualid Limam: Universite de Tunis El Manar, Ecole Nationale d\'Ingenieurs de Tunis,
Laboratoire de Genie Civil, BP 37, 1002 le Belvedere, Tunis, Tunisia

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