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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 23, Number 3, March 2019 , pages 189-201

Utilization of Kota stone slurry powder and accelerators in concrete
Kiran Devi, Babita Saini and Paratibha Aggarwal

    Recent advances in the concrete technology are aiding in minimizing the use of conventional materials by substituting by-products of various industries and energy sources. A large amount of stone waste i.e., dust and slurry form both are being originated during natural stone processing and causing deadily effects on the environment. The disposal problem of stone waste can be resolved effectively by using waste in construction industries. In present work, Kota stone slurry powder, as a substitution of cement was used along with accelerators namely calcium nitrate and triethanolamine as additives, to study their impact on various properties of the concrete mixtures. Kota stone slurry powder (7.5%), calcium nitrate (1%) and triethanolamine (0.05%) were used separately as well in combination in different concrete mixtures. Mechanical Strength, modulus of elasticity and electrical resistivity of concrete specimens of different mix proportions under water curing were studied experimentally. The durability properties in terms of strength and electrical resistivity against sulphate and chloride solution attack at various curing ages were also studied experimentally. Results showed that accelerators and Kota stone slurry powder separately enhanced the mechanical strength and electrical resistivity; but, their combination decreased strength at all curing ages. The durability of concrete specimens was also affected under the exposure to chemical attack too. Kota stone slurry powder found to be the most effective material among all materials. Material characterization was also done to study the microstructural properties.
Key Words
    Kota stone slurry powder; accelerators; mechanical strength; electrical resistivity; resistance against chemical attack; cost analysis
Kiran Devi, Babita Saini and Paratibha Aggarwal: Civil Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana, 136119, India

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