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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 21, Number 3, March 2018 , pages 299-310

Nonlinear modeling of a RC beam-column connection subjected to cyclic loading
Norberto Dominguez and Jesus Perez-Mota

    When reinforced concrete structures are subjected to strong seismic forces, their beam-column connections are very susceptible to be damaged during the earthquake event. Consequently, structural designers try to fit an important quantity of steel reinforcement inside the connection, complicating its construction without a clear justification for this. The aim of this work is to evaluate –and demonstrate- numerically how the quantity and the array of the internal steel reinforcement influences on the nonlinear response of the RC beam-column connection. For this, two specimens (extracted from an experimental test of 12 RC beam-column connections reported in literature) were modeled in the Finite Element code FEAP considering different stirrup\'s arrays. The nonlinear response of the RC beam-column connection is evaluated taking into account the nonlinear thermodynamic behavior of each component: a damage model is used for concrete; a classical plasticity model is adopted for steel reinforcement; the steel-concrete bonding is considered perfect without degradation. At the end, the experimental responses obtained in the tests are compared to the numerical results, as well as the distribution of shear stresses and damage inside the concrete core of the beam-column connection, which are analyzed for a low and high state of confinement.
Key Words
    beam-column connection; reinforced concrete; nonlinear material behavior; finite element
Norberto Dominguez, Jesus Perez-Mota: Seccion de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación (SEPI) ESIA UZ, Instituto Politecnico Nacional of Mexico, Mexico

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