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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 21, Number 3, March 2018 , pages 291-298

Analysis of flexural fatigue failure of concrete made with 100% coarse recycled and natural aggregates
G. Murali, T. Indhumathi, K. Karthikeyan and V.R. Ramkumar

    In this study, the flexural fatigue performance of concrete beams made with 100% Coarse Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) and 100% Coarse Natural Aggregates (NA) were statistically commanded. For this purpose, the experimental fatigue test results of earlier researcher were investigated using two parameter Weibull distribution. The shape and scale parameters of Weibull distribution function was evaluated using seven numerical methods namely, Graphical method (GM), Least-Squares (LS) regression of Y on X, Least-Squares (LS) regression of * on Y, Empherical Method of Lysen (EML), Mean Standard DeviationMethod (MSDM), Energy Pattern FactorMethod (EPFM) andMethod of Moments (MOM). The average of Weibull parameters was used to incorporate survival probability into stress (S)-fatigue life (N) relationships. Based on the Weibull theory, as single and double logarithm fatigue equations for RCA and NA under different survival probability were provided. The results revealed that, by considering 0.9 level survival probability, the theoretical stress level corresponding to a fatigue failure number equal to one million cycle, decreases by 8.77% (calculated using single-logarithm fatigue equation) and 6.62%(calculated using double logarithm fatigue equation) in RCAwhen compared to NAconcrete.
Key Words
    fatigue; stress level; survival probability; Weibull parameters; regression; aggregates
G. Murali, T. Indhumathi: School of Civil Engineering, Sastra University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
K. Karthikeyan: SMBS, VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
V.R. Ramkumar: Division of Structural Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

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