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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 20, Number 1, July 2017, pages 077-84

Development of slag based Shirasu geopolymer
Dhruva Narayana Katpady, Koji Takewaka and Toshinobu Yamaguchi

    Shirasu, a pyroclastic flow deposit, showed considerable performance as aluminosilicate source in geopolymer, based on past research. However, the polymerization reactivity was somewhat lower compared to the traditional fly ash based geopolymer even though the long-term strength was fairly good. The present study concentrates on the development of higher initial strength performance of Shirasu based geopolymer by utilizing ground granulated blast furnace slag as an admixture. Mortars with various mix proportions were adopted to study the effect of parametric changes on strength development along with the addition of slag in different percentages. A combination of sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate was used as alkaline activators considering parameters like molar ratios of alkali to geopolymer water and silica to alkali molar ratio. The mortars were cured at elevated temperatures under different curing conditions to analyze the effect on strength development. Compressive strength test, mercury intrusion porosimetry and X-ray powder diffraction were carried out to assess the strength performance and microstructure of slag-Shirasu based geopolymer. Based on the experimental study, it was observed that the initial and long-term strength development of Slag-Shirasu geopolymer were improved by the addition of slag.
Key Words
    Shirasu; pyroclastic flow; geopolymer; alkali activation; polymerization; ground granulated blast furnace slag
Dhruva Narayana Katpady, Koji Takewaka and Toshinobu Yamaguchi: Department of Ocean Civil Engineering, Kagoshima University, 1-21-40, 8900065, Korimoto, Kagoshima, Japan

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