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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 2, Number 4, August 2005 , pages 325-343

Fuzzy methodology application for modeling uncertainties in chloride ingress models of RC building structure
Jeongyun Do, Hun Song, Seungyoung So and Yangseob Soh

    Chloride ingress is a common cause of deterioration of reinforced concrete located in coastal zone. Modeling the chloride ingress is an important basis for designing reinforced concrete structures and for assessing the reliability of an existing structure. The modeling is also needed for predicting the deterioration of a reinforced structure. The existing deterministic solution for prediction model of corrosion initiation cannot reflect uncertainties which input variables have. This paper presents an approach to the fuzzy arithmetic based modeling of the chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures that takes into account the uncertainties in the physical models of chloride penetration into concrete and corrosion of steel reinforcement, as well as the uncertainties in the governing parameters, including concrete diffusivity, concrete cover depth, surface chloride concentration and critical chloride level for corrosion initiation. There are a lot of prediction model for predicting the time of reinforcement corrosion of structures exposed to chloride-induced corrosion environment. In this work, RILEM model formula and Crank
Key Words
    corrosion initiation time; service life; fuzzy; reinforced concrete; Monte Carlo simulation; probabilistic.
Jeongyun Do; Faculty of Architectural and Urban, Chonbuk National University, Chonju 561-756, South KorearnHun Song; Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Koyang 411-712, South KorearnSeungyoung So and Yangseob Soh; Faculty of Architectural and Urban, Chonbuk National University, Chonju 561-756, South Korea

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