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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 2, Number 4, August 2005 , pages 267-291

Strut-tie model evaluation of behavior and strength of pre-tensioned concrete deep beams
Young Mook Yun

    To date, many studies have been conducted for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete members with disturbed regions. However, prestressed concrete deep beams have not been the subject of many investigations. This paper presents an evaluation of the behavior and strength of three pre-tensioned concrete deep beams failed by shear and bond slip of prestressing strands using a nonlinear strut-tie model approach. In this approach, effective prestressing forces represented by equivalent external loads are gradually introduced along strand\'s transfer length in the nearest strut-tie model joints, the friction at the interface of main diagonal shear cracks is modeled by the aggregate interlock struts along the direction of the cracks in strut-tie model, and an algorithm considering the effect of bond slip of prestressing strands in the strut-tie model analysis and design of pre-tensioned concrete members is implemented. Through the strut-tie model analysis of pre-tensioned concrete deep beams, the nonlinear strut-tie model approach proved to present effective solutions for predicting the essential aspects of the behavior and strength of pre-tensioned concrete deep beams. The nonlinear strut-tie model approach is capable of predicting the strength and failure modes of pre-tensioned concrete deep beams including the anchorage failure of prestressing strands and, accordingly, can be employed in the practical and precise design of pre-tensioned concrete deep beams.
Key Words
    pre-tensioned concrete deep beam; nonlinear strut-tie model approach; behavior and strength; gradual introduction of prestressing force; aggregate interlock strut; bond slip of prestressing strand.
Department of Civil Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 702-701, Korea

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