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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 2, Number 3, June 2005 , pages 239-248

The fractal analysis of the fracture surface of concretes made from different coarse aggregates
Grzegorz Prokopski and Janusz Konkol

    The article presents the results of examination of the fractal dimension D of concrete specimenrnfracture surfaces obtained in fracture toughness tests. The concretes were made from three different types of coarse aggregate: gravel, dolomite and basalt aggregate. Ordinary concretes (C40) and highperformance concretes (HPC) were subjected to testing after 7, 14, 28 and 90 days of curing, respectively. In fracture toughness and compressive tests, different behaviours of concretes were found, depending on the type of aggregate and class of concrete (C40, HPC). A significant increase in the strength parameters tested occurred also after a period of 28 days (up to the 90th day of curing) and was particularly large for concretes C40. Fractal examinations performed on fracture replicas showed that the fractal dimension D was diverse, depending on the coarse aggregate type and concrete class being, however, statistically constant after 7 and 14 days for respective concretes during curing. The fractal dimension D was the greater, the worse strength properties were possessed by the concrete. A cross-grain crack propagation occurred in that case, due to weak cohesion forces at the coarse aggregate/mortar interface. A similar effect was observed for C40 and HPC made from the same aggregate. A greater dimension D was exhibited by concretes C40, in which case the fracture was easier to form compared with highperformance concretes, where, as a result of high aggregate/mortar cohesion forces, the crack propagation was of inter-granular type, and the resulted fracture was flatter.
Key Words
    concrete curing; interfacial transition zone; mechanical properties; silica fume; concrete.
Rzeszow University of Technology, Powstan\' cow Warszawy 6, 35-959 Rzeszow, Poland

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