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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 19, Number 5, May 2017 , pages 589-597

Reinforcement detailing of a corbel via an integrated strut-and-tie modeling approach
Fatih Mehmet Özkal and Habib Uysal

    Strut-and-tie modeling method, which evolved on truss-model approach, has generally been preferred for the design of complex reinforced concrete structures and structural elements that have critical shear behavior. Some structural members having disturbed regions require exceptional detailing for all support and loading conditions, such as the beam-column connections, deep beams, short columns or corbels. Considering the general expectation of exhibiting brittle behavior, corbels are somewhat dissimilar to other shear critical structures. In this study, reinforcement layout of a corbel model was determined by the participation of structural optimization and strut-and-tie modeling methods, and an experimental comparison was performed against a conventionally designed model.
Key Words
    computer-aided design; strut-and-tie model; structural optimization; performance decision; reinforced concrete; steel reinforcement
Fatih Mehmet Özkal: Department of Civil Engineering, Erzincan University, 24060 Erzincan, Turkey
Habib Uysal: Department of Civil Engineering, Atatürk University, 25240 Erzurum, Turkey

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