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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 19, Number 1, January 2017, pages 111-120

Accelerated life testing of concrete based on stochastic approach and assessment
Binrong Zhu, Hongxia Qiao, Qiong Feng and Chenggong Lu

    This study aimed to design the accelerated life testing (ALT) of concrete, which stimulating the special natural environment maximumly. Its evaluation indexes, such as dynamic elastic modulus, mass and ultrasonic velocity were measured, and the variation of relative mass and relative dynamic elastic modulus of concrete were studied. Meanwhile, the microanalysis method was used. Moreover, an exploratory application of the stochastic approach, the Weibull distribution and the lognormal distribution, were made to assess the durability of concrete structures. The results show that the ALT for simulating natural environment is more close to the service process of concrete structure under actual conditions; The relative dynamic elastic modulus can be used as the dominant durability evaluation parameters, because it is more sensitive to the environmental factors compared with the relative quality evaluation parameters; In the course of the concrete deterioration, the destruction of the salt freezing cycle is the dominant factor, supplemented by other factors; Both of those two stochastic approaches can be used to evaluate the reliability of concrete specimens under the condition of ALT; By comparison, The lognormal distribution method is better to describe the reliability process.
Key Words
    concrete; accelerated life testing; durability; weibull distribution; lognormal distribution; reliability
Binrong Zhu, Hongxia Qiao, Qiong Feng and Chenggong Lu: Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Civil Engineering of Gansu Province, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, China
Hongxia Qiao: Western Engineering Research Center of Disaster Mitigation in Civil Engineering of Ministry of Education, Lanzhou 730050, China

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