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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 18, Number 6, December 2016, pages 1097-1112

Transient heat transfer analysis using Galerkin finite element method for reinforced concrete slab exposed to high elevated temperature
Byung-Chan Han, Young-Jin Kwon, Byung-Jae Lee, Seung-Jun Kwon and Young-Suk Chae

    Fire loading causes a critical collapse of RC (Reinforced Concrete) Structures since the embedded steels inside are relative week against high elevated temperature. Several numerical frameworks for fire resistance have been proposed, however they have limitations such as unstable convergence and long calculation period. In the work, 2-D nonlinear FE technique is proposed using Galerkin method for RC structures under fire loading. Closed-form element stiffness with a triangular element is adopted and verified with fire test on three RC slabs with different fire loading conditions. Several simulations are also performed considering fire loading conditions, water contents, and cover depth. The proposed numerical technique can handle time-dependent fire loading, convection, radiation, and material properties. The proposed technique can be improved through early-aged concrete behavior like moisture transport which varies with external temperature.
Key Words
    fire loading; FE techniques; element stiffness; water content; early-aged concrete behavior
Byung-Chan Han: Department of Architectural Engineering, Woosong College, Daejeon 300-715, Korea

Young-Jin Kwon: Department of Emergency Management Engineering, Hoseo University, Chungnam 336-795, Korea

Byung-Jae Lee: R&D Center, JNTINC Co. LTD., Gyeonggi, 18284, Korea

Seung-Jun Kwon: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hannam University, Daejeon 306-791, Korea

Young-Suk Chae: Department of Architectural Engineering, Woosong University, Daejeon 300-715, Korea

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