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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 18, Number 2, August 2016 , pages 215-233

Parametrical study of the behavior of exterior unreinforced concrete beam-column joints through numerical modeling
Matheus F. A. Silva and Vladimir G. Haach

    Exterior beam-column joints are structural elements that ensure connection between beams and columns. The joint strength is generally assumed to be governed by the structural element of lowest load capacity (beam or column), however, the joint may be the weakest link. The joint shear behavior is still not well understood due to the influence of several variables, such as geometry of the connection, stress level in the column, concrete strength and longitudinal beam reinforcement. A parametrical study based only on experiments would be impracticable and not necessarily exposes the failure mechanisms. This paper reports on a set of numerical simulations conducted in DIANA
Key Words
    beam-column; shear; numerical analysis; parametrical analysis; reinforced concrete
Matheus F. A. Silva: 1University of Sao Paulo, Department of Structures, Av. Trabalhador Saocarlense, 400, 13566-590, Sao Carlos – SP, BRAZIL

Vladimir G. Haach: University of Sao Paulo, Department of Structures, Av. Trabalhador Saocarlense,400, 13566-590, Sao Carlos – SP, BRAZIL

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