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Computers and Concrete   Volume 16, Number 3, September 2015, pages 487-502
Expansion behavior of concrete containing different steel slag aggregate sizes under heat curing
Chun-Ya Shu and Wen-Ten Kuo

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    This study investigated particle expansion in basic oxygen furnace slag (BOF) and desulfurization slag (DSS) after heat curing by using the volume method. Concrete hydration was accelerated by heat curing. The compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity, and resistivity of the concrete were analyzed. Maximum expansion occurred in the BOF and DSS samples containing 0.30-0.60 mm and 0.60-1.18 mm particles, respectively. Deterioration was more severe in the BOF samples. In the slag aggregates for the complete replacement of fine aggregate, severe fractures occurred in both the BOF and DSS samples. Scanning electron microscopy revealed excess CH after curing, which caused peripheral hydration products to become extruded, resulting in fracture.
Key Words
    basic oxygen furnace slag (BOF); desulfurization slag (DSS); aggregate particle size; heat curing; expansion effect
Chun-Ya Shu and Wen-Ten Kuo: Department of Civil Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, No. 415, Chien-Kung Rd., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung 80778, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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