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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 16, Number 1, July 2015, pages 049-65

Analysis and monitoring on jacking construction of continuous box girder bridge
Fangyuan Li, Peifeng Wu and Xinfei Yan

    It is hard to guarantee the strict synchronization of all the jacking-up points in the integral jacking of a large-span continuous box girder bridge. This paper took the Hengliaojing Bridge as background, which need jacking up as an object with 295m length and more than 10,000tons weight, adopted 3D software to calculate the unsynchronized jacking-up working conditions, and studied the relationships between the unsynchronized vertical difference and the girder\'s deformation behaviour. The aim is to verify the maximum value of the unsynchronized vertical difference, and guide the construction and ensure safety. The monitoring system with its contents is introduced corresponding to the analysis. The results of the deck relative elevations prove that it is difficult to avoid the deck torsional deformation for jacking different; especially the side span shows more deformations for its smaller stiffness. The maximum difference is smaller than the limited value with acceptable stresses in the sections. The jacking heights of the pier in each construction step are controlled regularly according to the design. The shifting of the whole bridge in longitudinal direction is smaller than in transverse direction. The several beginning steps are the key to adjust their support reactions. This study is one parts of the fundamental research for the code \"Technical specification for bridge jacking-up and reposition of China\". The whole synchronous jacking project of the main bridge set a world record by the World Record Association for the whole bridge jacking project with the longest span of the world.
Key Words
    continuous box girder bridge; integral jacking; synchronized jacking; jacking control; construction monitoring
Fangyuan Li and Peifeng Wu : Department of Bridge Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
Xinfei Yan : Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute, Shanghai 200125, China

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