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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 14, Number 2, August 2014 , pages 145-161

Statistical division of compressive strength results on the aspect of concrete family concept
Józef Jasiczak, Marcin Kanoniczak and Lukasz Smaga

    The article presents the statistical method of grouping the results of the compressive strength of concrete in continuous production. It describes the method of dividing the series of compressive strength results into batches of statistically stable strength parameters at specific time intervals, based on the standardized concept of \"concrete familY\". The article presents the examples of calculations made for two series of concrete strength results, from which sets of decreased strength parameters were separated. When assessing the quality of concrete elements and concrete road surfaces, the principal issue is the control of the compressive strength parameters of concrete. Large quantities of concrete mix manufactured in a continuous way should be subject to continuous control. Standardized approach to assessing the concrete strength proves to be insufficient because it does not allow for the detection of subsets of the decreased strength results, which in turn makes it impossible to make adjustments to the concrete manufacturing process and to identify particular product or area on site with decreased concrete strength. In this article two independent methods of grouping the test results of concrete with statistically stable strength parameters were proposed, involving verification of statistical hypothesis based on statistical tests: Student
Key Words
    division of compressive strength results of concrete; family of concrete; compressive strength of concrete; reliability of structure
Józef Jasiczak and Marcin Kanoniczak: Institute of Structural Engineering, Poznan University of Technology, Piotrowo 5, 61-138 Poznań, Poland


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