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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 14, Number 1, July 2014 , pages 059-71

New analytical model for the hoop contribution to the shear capacity of circular reinforced concrete columns
Francesco Trentadue, Giuseppe Quaranta, Rita Greco and Giuseppe Carlo Marano

    The paper is concerned with the analytical description of a resistance mechanism, not considered in previous models, by which the hoops contribute to the shear capacity of RC columns with circular cross sections. The difference from previous approaches consists in observing that, because of deformation, the hoops change their original shape and, as a consequence, their slope does not match anymore the original one in the neighborhood of a crack. The model involves two parameters only, namely the crack inclination and the hoop strain in the neighborhood of a crack. A closed-form analytical formulation to correlate the average value of the crack width and the hoop strain is also provided. Results obtained using the proposed model have been compared with experimental data, and a satisfactory agreement is found.
Key Words
    circular column; cracked concrete; hoop; reinforced concrete; shear capacity
Francesco Trentadue, Rita Greco and Giuseppe Carlo Marano: Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Technical University of Bari, via E. Orabona 4, 70100 Bari, Italy

Giuseppe Quaranta: Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, via Eudossiana 18, 00184 Rome, Italy

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