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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 12, Number 5, November 2013 , pages 717-737

A Study on the fire performance and heat transfer of the HPC column with fiber-cocktail in ISO fire under loading condition
Hyung-Jun Kim, Heung-Youl Kim, In Kyu Kwon, Ki-Hyuk Kwon, Byung-Yeol Min and Bum-Yean Cho

    In this study, experiment and numerical analysis were conducted to identify the heat transfer characteristics and behavior of high-strength concrete upon a fire. The numerical analysis was employed to forecast the characteristics and properties of the high-strength concrete upon a fire, which can not be accomplished through a fire test due to the specific conditions and restrictions associated with the test. The result of the numerical analysis was compared with that of the test to verify the reliability of the analysis. In the numerical analysis of the heat transfer characteristics and behavior of 80 and 100 MPa high-strength concrete upon a fire, the commercial software of ABAQUS(V.6.8) was used. It was observed from the experiment that the contraction of the concrete with fiber-cocktail was mitigated by 25~55 % compared with that without fiber-cocktail because the fiber controlled the heat transfer of the concrete and thus improved the fire-resistance performance of the column.
Key Words
    high strength concrete; heat transfer; fire performance; fiber-cocktail; spalling
Hyung-Jun Kim, Heung-Youl Kim: Fire Saftey Research Center, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea
In Kyu Kwon: Department of Fire Protection Engineering, Kangwon National University, Korea
Ki-Hyuk Kwon, Bum-Yean Cho: Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Seoul, Korea

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