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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 12, Number 5, November 2013 , pages 627-650

Modelling of the effects of alkali-aggregate reaction in reinforced concrete structures
S. Pietruszczak, R. Ushaksaraei and V. Gocevski

    This paper deals with application of a non-linear continuum model for reinforced concrete affected by alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR) to analysis of some nuclear structures. The macroscopic behaviour of the material affected by AAR is described by incorporating a homogenization/averaging procedure. The formulation addresses the main stages of the deformation process, i.e., a homogeneous deformation mode as well as that involving localized deformation, associated with formation of macrocracks. The formulation is applied to examine the mechanical behaviour of some reinforced concrete structures in nuclear power facilities located in Quebec (Canada). First, a containment structure is analyzed subjected to 45 years of continuing AAR. Later, an inelastic analysis is carried out for the spent fuel pool taking into account the interaction with the adjacent jointed rock mass foundation. In the latter case, the structure is said to be subjected to continuing AAR that is followed by a seismic event.
Key Words
    nuclear powerplant structures; reinforced concrete; alkali-aggregate reaction; chemo-plasticicty
S. Pietruszczak, R. Ushaksaraei: Department of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada
V. Gocevski: Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada

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