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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 12, Number 2, August 2013 , pages 131-149

Seismic performances of RC columns reinforced with screw ribbed reinforcements connected by mechanical splice
Se-Jung Lee, Deuck Hang Lee, Kang Su Kim, Jae-Yuel Oh, Min-Kook Park and Il-Seung Yang

    Various types of reinforcement splicing methods have been developed and implemented in reinforced concrete construction projects for achieving the continuity of reinforcements. Due to the complicated reinforcement arrangements and the difficulties in securing bar spacing, the traditional lap splicing method, which has been widely used in reinforced concrete constructions, often shows low constructability and difficulties in quality control. Also, lap spliced regions are likely to be over-reinforced, which may not be desirable in seismic design. On the other hand, mechanical splicing methods can offer simple and clear arrangements of reinforcement. In order to utilize the couplers for the ribbed-deformed bars, however, additional screw processing at the ends of reinforcing bars is typically required, which often lead to performance degradations of reinforced concrete members due to the lack of workmanship in screw processing or in adjusting the length of reinforcing bars. On the contrary, the use of screw-ribbed reinforcements can easily solve these issues on the mechanical splicing methods, because it does not require the screw process on the bar. In this study, the mechanical coupler suitable for the screw-ribbed reinforcements has been developed, in which any gap between the reinforcements and sleeve device can be removed by grouting high-flow inorganic mortar. This study presents the uniaxial tension tests on the screw-ribbed reinforcement with the mechanical sleeve devices and the cyclic loading tests on RC columns with the developed coupler. The test results show that the mechanical sleeve connection developed in this study has an excellent splicing performance, and that it is applicable to reinforced concrete columns with a proper confinement by hoop reinforcement.
Key Words
    sleeve; mechanical splice; seismic performance; screw ribbed reinforcement; grouting; reinforced concrete; column
Se-Jung Lee: SEJIN Structure Construction Maintenance Co.,123-10 Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-822, Korea
Deuck Hang Lee, Kang Su Kim, Jae-Yuel Oh and Min-Kook Park: Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Seoul, 90 Jeonnong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-743, Korea
Il-Seung Yang: Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Dongshin, Daeho-dong 252, Naju, Chumnam, 520-714, Korea

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