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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 11, Number 6, June 2013, pages 571-585

Strength design criterion for asymmetrically reinforced RC circular cross-sections in bending
E. Hernández-Montes, P. Alameda-Hernández and L.M. Gil-Martín

    Asymmetrical reinforcement for circular sections in wall piles is an efficient construction component with reduced embodied energy. It has been proven that asymmetrical reinforced wall piles may save more than 50% of the reinforcement than the traditional symmetrically reinforced circular sections. The use of this new type of structural member increases the number of variables in the design problem, which makes its use by engineers more complicated. In order to facilitate the use of the asymmetrically reinforced piles, this paper presents a criterion for the design of this type of structural member. The chosen criterion has been analyzed with the help of flexural capacity-cost curves. The new criterion is similar to the design procedure traditionally used for RC beams.
Key Words
    wall piles; asymmetric reinforcement; strength design criteria
E. Hernández-Montes and L.M. Gil-Martín; Department of Structural Mechanics, University of Granada, Spain
P. Alameda-Hernández; Department of Civil Engineering, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

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