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Computers and Concrete
  Volume 1, Number 1, February 2004, pages 77-98

Cracking behavior of RC shear walls subject to cyclic loadings
Hyo-Gyoung Kwak and Do-Yeon Kim

    This paper presents a numerical model for simulating the nonlinear response of reinforcedrnconcrete (RC) shear walls subject to cyclic loadings. The material behavior of cracked concrete isrndescribed by an orthotropic constitutive relation with tension-stiffening and compression softening effectsrndefining equivalent uniaxial stress-strain relation in the axes of orthotropy. Especially in making analyticalrnpredictions for inelastic behaviors of RC walls under reversed cyclic loading, some influencing factorsrninducing the material nonlinearities have been considered. A simple hysteretic stress-strain relation ofrnconcrete, which crosses the tension-compression region, is defined. Modification of the hysteretic stressstrainrnrelation of steel is also introduced to reflect a pinching effect depending on the shear span ratio andrnto represent an average stress distribution in a cracked RC element, respectively. To assess thernapplicability of the constitutive model for RC element, analytical results are compared with idealizedrnshear panel and shear wall test results under monotonic and cyclic shear loadings.rn
Key Words
    pinching effect; shear walls; cyclic behavior; average stress-strain; nonlinear analysis.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST,rn373-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-701, South Korearn

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