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Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  Volume 2, Number 3, September 2015, pages 185-196
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Mechanical and wear properties of HPT-biomedical titanium: A review
Mohsin Talib Mohammed

    Titanium (Ti) based alloys are widely used in biomedical implants due to their low density, excellent corrosion resistance and good biocompatibilities. In recent years, growing interest in sever plastic deformation (SPD) has stimulated research and development on the techniques to attain refining of the grain size to the submicrometer or even nanometer level. The mechanical and wear properties determining the application of Ti in medicine may be improved via SPD. High pressure torsion (HPT) technique is one of the approaches available for improving the mechanical and wear properties of biomedical Ti materials. Accordingly, this article is designed to examine most recent state of the art scientific works related to the developments in mechanical properties and wear resistance of biomedical Ti materials processed by HPT. A comprehensive review in this area is systematically presented.
Key Words
    titanium; biomedical applications; mechanical properties; wear; HPT
Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kufa University, Najaf, Iraq

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