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Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  Volume 2, Number 2, June 2015 , pages 97-109

Amphiphilic graft copolymers: Effect of graft chain length and content on colloid gel
Kyohei Nitta, Atsushi Kimoto, Junji Watanabe and Yoshiyuki Ikeda

    A series of amphiphilic graft copolymers were synthesized by varying the number of graft chains and graft chain lengths. The polarity of the hydrophobic graft chain on the copolymers was varied their solution properties. The glass transition temperature of the copolymers was in the low-temperature region, because of the amorphous nature of poly (trimethylene carbonate) (PTMC). The surface morphology of the lyophilized colloid gel had a bundle structure, which was derived from the combination of poly(Nhydroxyethylacrylamide)(poly(HEAA)) and PTMC. The solution properties were evaluated using dynamic light scattering and fluorescence measurements. The particle size of the graft copolymers was about 30-300 nm. The graft copolymers with a higher number of repeating units attributed to the TMC (trimethylene carbonate) component and with a lower macromonomer ratio showed high thermal stability. The critical association concentration was estimated to be between 2.2
Key Words
    poly(trimethylene carbonate); amphiphilic graft copolymer; colloid gel; critical association concentration; molecular incorporation
Kyohei Nitta: Department of Life and Functional Material Science, Graduate School of Natural Science, Konan University, 8-9-1 Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-8501, Japan

Atsushi Kimoto, Junji Watanabe and Yoshiyuki Ikeda: Department of Chemistry of Functional Molecules, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Konan University, 8-9-1 Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-8501, Japan

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