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Advances in Robotics Research
  Volume 1, Number 3, July 2014, pages 199-214
open access

Dimensional synthesis problem of 3R for three precision poses using dual quaternions
Omid Heidaria and Hamid M. Daniali

    In this paper, three precision poses geometric synthesis problem of 3R serial manipulators is solved using a polynomial continuation method. Denavit-Hartenberg parameters and a new formulation using dual quaternions are used to formulate the problem and obtain the design equations. Upon choosing six of the design parameters arbitrarily, a system of thirteen polynomials in thirteen unknowns is derived. Four new types for selecting the free choices are introduced and their design equations are solved using polynomial homotopy continuation method. Numerical example is included in which the multi- homogeneous bounds for the solutions paths for the first type is 1152 and for the others are 9216.
Key Words
    geometric synthesis problem; 3R serial manipulators; homotopy continuation; dual quaternions
Omid Heidaria, Hamid M. Daniali: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Babol University of Technology, P.O. Box 484, Babol, Iran

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