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Advances in Robotics Research
  Volume 1, Number 2, April 2014 , pages 155-169

Challenges in neuro-machine interaction based active robotic rehabilitation of stroke patients
Aiguo Song, Renhuan Yang, Baoguo Xu, Lizheng Pan and Huijun Li

    Study results in the last decades show that amount and quality of physical exercises, then the active participation, and now the cognitive involvement of patient in rehabilitation training are known of crux to enhance recovery outcome of motor dysfunction patients after stroke. Rehabilitation robots mainly have been developing along this direction to satisfy requirements of recovery therapy, or focusing on one or more of the above three points. Therefore, neuro-machine interaction based active rehabilitation robot has been proposed for assisting paralyzed limb performing designed tasks, which utilizes motor related EEG, UCSDI (Ultrasound Current Source Density Imaging), EMG for rehabilitation robot control and feeds back the multi-sensory interaction information such as visual, auditory, force, haptic sensation to the patient simultaneously. This neuro-controlled and perceptual rehabilitation robot will bring great benefits to post-stroke patients. In order to develop such kind of robot, some key technologies such as noninvasive precise detection of neural signal and realistic sensation feedback need to be solved. There are still some grand challenges in solving the fundamental questions to develop and optimize such kind of neuro-machine interaction based active rehabilitation robot.
Key Words
    rehabilitation robot; neuro-machine interaction; active rehabilitation therapy; multi-sensation feedback
Aiguo Song, Renhuan Yang, Baoguo Xu, Lizheng Pan and Huijun Li:
School of Instrument Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, P.R. China.

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