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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 14, Number 3, March 2023 , pages 273-284

Research on the application of nanocomposite materials in children's physical exercise equipment
Huanxiang Ding, Xueqin Wang and Xiaodao Chen

    Combating the worldwide environmental threat of plastic waste pollution has become a priority. Plastic pollution has the potential to impact land, rivers, and seas, since many marine and terrestrial organisms have perished as a result of plastic's non-biodegradability and soil dangers. For this consumption, it seems required to manufacture and use new renewable resources. Renewable materials for diverse applications have been created utilizing nanotechnology, which may replace conventional materials for children's activities and sports equipment. This study investigates and suggests that nanotechnology-based materials be replaced with conventional materials to save the environment in manufacturing equipment for children's physical activities. On the basis of the mechanical sciences, a stability study of the bending behavior of small-scale structures will be performed for the various recommended materials.
Key Words
    bending analysis; nanocomposite materials; nanotechnology; renewable materials; sport equipment
Huanxiang Ding and Xueqin Wang: College of Physical Education and Health, Linyi University, Linyi 276005, Shandong, China

Xiaodao Chen: Department of Physical Education, Guangdong University of Finance, Guangzhou 510521, Guangdong, China

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