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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 13, Number 1, July 2022 , pages 87-96

FA/Mel@ZnO nanoparticles as drug self-delivery systems for RPE protection against oxidative stress
Caixia Yi, Zhihai Yu, Xin Sun, Xi Zheng, Shuangya Yang, Hengchuan Liu, Yi Song and Xiao Huang

    Drug self-delivery systems can easily realize combination drug therapy and avoid carrier-induced toxicity and immunogenicity because they do not need non-therapeutic carrier materials. So, designing appropriate drug self-delivery systems for specific diseases can settle most of the problems existing in traditional drug delivery systems. Retinal pigment epithelium is very important for the homeostasis of retina. However, it is vulnerable to oxidative damage and difficult to repair. Worse still, the antioxidants can hardly reach the retina by non-invasive administration routes due to the ocular barriers. Herein, the targeted group (folic acid) and antioxidant (melatonin) have been grafted on the surface of ZnO quantum dots to fabricate a new kind of drug self-delivery systems as a protectant via eyedrops. In this study, the negative nanoparticles with size ranging in 4~6 nm were successfully synthesized. They could easily and precisely deliver drugs to retinal pigment epithelium via eyedrops. And they realized acid degradation to controlled release of melatonin and zinc in retinal pigment epithelium cells. Consequently, the structure of retinal pigment epithelium cells were stabilized according to the expression of ZO-1 and Β-catenin. Moreover, the antioxidant capacity of retinal pigment epithelium were enhanced both in health mice and photic injury mice. Therefore, such new drug self-delivery systems have great potential both in prevention and treatment of oxidative damage induced retinal diseases.
Key Words
    antioxidation; combination drug therapy; drug self-delivery system; retinal pigment epithelium; zinc oxide
Caixia Yi, Xin Sun, Xi Zheng and Shuangya Yang: School of Sports and Health Science, Tongren University, Tongren 554300, P. R. China

Zhihai Yu and Hengchuan Liu: Department of Urology, Chongqing University Three Gorges Hospital, Chongqing 404000, P. R. China

Yi Song: Department of Neurosurgery, Chongqing University Three Gorges Hospital, Chongqing 404000, China

Xiao Huang: School of Sports and Health Science, Tongren University, Tongren 554300, P. R. China/ School of Physical Education, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Liuzhou 545006, China

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