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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 12, Number 4, April 2022 , pages 427-440

A size-dependent study on buckling and post-buckling behavior of imperfect piezo-flexomagnetic nano-plate strips
Hamed Momeni-Khabisi and Masoud Tahani

    In the present study, the nonlocal strain gradient theory is used to predict the size-dependent buckling and post-buckling behavior of geometrically imperfect nano-scale piezo-flexomagnetic plate strips in two modes of direct and converse flexomagnetic effects. The first-order shear deformation plate theory is used to analyze analytically nano-strips with simply supported boundary conditions. The nonlinear governing equations of equilibrium and associated boundary conditions are derived using the principle of minimum total potential energy with consideration of the von Kármán-type of geometric non-linearity. A closed-form solution of governing differential equation is obtained, which is easily usable for engineers and designers. To validate the presented formulations, whenever possible, a comparison with the results found in the open literature is reported for buckling loads. A parametric study is presented to examine the effect of scaling parameters, plate slenderness ratio, temperature, the mid-plane initial rise, flexomagnetic coefficient, different temperature distributions, and magnetic potential, in case of the converse flexomagnetic effect, on buckling and post-buckling loads in detail.
Key Words
    flexomagnetic; geometrical imperfection; nano-plate strip; nonlocal strain gradient theory; piezomagnetic; post-buckling
Hamed Momeni-Khabisi and Masoud Tahani: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

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