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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 11, Number 1, July 2021 , pages 073-81

Synthesis of hairpin DNA mediated Au-Ag bimetallic nanomushrooms for antibacterial application
Jingtai Fu, Lu Huang, Zhongning Yu, Zhuomin Zhang and Gongke Li

    . Precise control of the synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles with specific morphology and structure is of great significance due to their excellent catalytic, optical and biological property. DNA molecules are considered as a kind of efficient templates to mediate the precise synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles with homogeneous morphology due to their specific and controllable structure. In this study specific hairpin DNA strands were successfully utilized as templates to mediate the synthesis of special mushroom-like Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles with a high yield of > 90%. Several key factors greatly influencing the precise control of the morphology and UV-Vis characteristics of the proposed Au-Ag nanomushrooms during synthesis were investigated and optimized in detail, including the structure of template DNA, loading amounts of DNA, types of reductant agents and surfactants. Then, the formation mechanism of hairpin DNA mediated Au-Ag nanomushrooms was studied. Finally, the proposed Au-Ag nanomushrooms with good biocompatibility were applied for the antibacterial study by the growth curve of E. coli. The proposed Au-Ag nanomushrooms showed the effective inhibition capability for the growth of E. coli. The results suggested that these DNA mediated Au-Ag nanomushrooms possessed great potential applications for biomedical science in future.
Key Words
    antibacterial study; Au-Ag bimetallic nanomushrooms; biocompatibility; hairpin DNA mediated
Jingtai Fu, Lu Huang, Zhongning Yu, Zhuomin Zhang and Gongke Li: School of Chemistry, Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China

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