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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 1, Number 3, September 2013, pages 153-158

Anisotropic absorption of CdSe/ZnS quantum rods embedded in polymer film
Maria V. Mukhina, Vladimir G. Maslov, Alexander V. Baranov, Mikhail V. Artemyev and Anatoly V. Fedorov

    An approach to achieving of spatially homogeneous, ordered ensemble of semiconductor quantum rods in polymer film of polyvinyl butyral is reported. The CdSe/ZnS quantum rods are embedded to the polymer film. Obtained film is stretched up to four times to its initial length. A concentration of quantum rods in the samples is around 2x10-5 M. The absorption spectra, obtained in the light with orthogonal polarization, confirm the occurrence of spatial ordering in a quantum rod ensemble. Anisotropy of the optical properties in the ordered quantum rod ensemble is examined. The presented method can be used as a low-cost solution for preparing the nanostructured materials with anisotropic properties and high concentration of nanocrystals.
Key Words
    semiconductor quantum rod, nanostructured material, ordering, anisotropy of absorption
Maria V. Mukhina, Vladimir G. Maslov, Alexander V. Baranov and Anatoly V. Fedorov : National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, 197101 St-Petersburg, Russia
Mikhail V. Artemyev : Institute for Physico-Chemical Problems, Belarusian State University, 220030 Minsk, Belarus

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